Update from my yucky night.

As I sit here thankful I am peacefully enjoying my home made apple fritter from our local bakery and a cup of coffee, I wanted to write.

I have been doing great since my last post. As I had a yucky night last week we have moved on and all are doing well. I think I was upset at how things were dealt with but I was also upset with myself. My husband has done sweet, nice little gestures each day since then which I believe are to encourage me keeping my arrow towards my target. ( Thanks, Jim for helping me look at it like that! ) I am happy to be enjoying this apple fritter, drinking my coffee and writing.

In the mix of this COVID pandemic my oldest is entering college which is about 5 hrs away, I also have a junior in high school with severe scoliosis. She was supposed to have surgery over the summer but COVID put the surgery date ahead to September. I have decided not to send her to school before her surgery to lessen the chance of getting COVID. Our school is going to school 2 days a week, virtual the rest. Both girls need a negative test before entering college/surgery. Also-my almost 14yr old doggie isn’t doing well. She has an appointment today at the vet and I have a strong feeling we will have to put her down. She’s been such a great doggie to our family! I’m going to be heart broken, the whole family is. 1 person is allowed to go in with her. It has to be me we all decided. My dog’s life revolves around me and now that’s she’s been not feeling well her following me around has turned obsessive. I know she knows she’s not feeling well. I’ll add a picture of her to this post. It was a few weeks ago and I was hand feeding her just to get her to eat. ( right now she doesn’t even want to eat from my hand ) She’s so cute and perfect. If the end result is she needs to be put down, this is going to be so hard to hold her, however I will do it for her. It’s what she would want. ❤️

So anywho, lots going on but overall I’m back feeling strong and ready to handle whatever comes my way! Many thanks to you all for your help!



Ps…when I add pictures I’m not sure how to add them where I want them so they just appear wherever. 🤣

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11 Responses to Update from my yucky night.

  1. clairei47 says:

    Oh Jackie I am sorry about your dog. She is really cute. You will be broken hearted but being with her will be comforting for her. I am glad you are strong and the yucky night has faded into nothing now. Good for you getting through it all xxx

    • Thanks so much, Claire. That was the hardest thing to do. She passed with me saying how pretty and perfect she is. I know a part of my heart is forever broken. My husband has cried many times too. We reminisced together about our doggie. ❤️

  2. I’m feeling the love! ❤️😍 Side note: At least I’m coping with it with a clear mind!

  3. Big hugs! I know I still grieve for our dog that passed years ago.
    COVID is a crazy virus. If I were a mom, I’d be so nervous, too.
    I am glad you are feeling stronger. I am sorry I missed your other post.

  4. msnewleaf says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. I will probably have to put my very elderly cat down soon. It is so hard! Sending big hugs!

    • Thank you for those hugs sent my way and I’m so sorry about your cat. ❤️I am so glad we are in a place with this COVID that I was able to hold her until her last breath, as heartbreaking as that was. Thanks so much for your comment and sending hugs right backatya!!

  5. Dwight Hyde says:

    Sending much love ❤️

  6. So sorry about your dog – a lot for you to be coping with at the moment – love and hugs xx💞💞

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