Holy shit it’s sunny out!

Good morning! I woke up to sunshine and can’t wait to start my Sunday! I have already fed my dog, horse and hung clothes on the line, so that’s a good start!

I haven’t posted much lately, I honestly just don’t know what to say. I have always been a fit person. I eat good, keep moving and healthy. I am up at 5:15am daily and my job is cleaning and I clean full time and then come home and keep going. We live in the country with lots of animals and there’s always things that need to be done. I usually sit down around 8pm.

I have gained some weight ( mostly in the belly ) and have no muscle tone. I have more aches and pains in my late 40’s than I could have imagined. I know if I worked out and gained some muscle tone it would help not only some of my aches and pains, but my self esteem.

I see on social media others work out but I have every excuse in the book not to……I already work a physical job all day, I’m up early enough as it is, I’m too tired after work to work out, she ( so and so on social media ) can work out because she works for her husband and makes her own at home hours, she only works part time so has more time, she has a Bowflex and fun equipment to work out with,  yadda yadda.

Sooooooooooo today I’m going to stop making excuses and going to start working out. Nothing major or big, I’ll quit it if I do that but I’ve got to start doing this. I want to feel good about myself again! I want to post weekly updates to hold myself accountable.

Thank you Dwight for the motivation to get my ass in gear! I can’t just sit here and complain. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! F911C815-A4B2-413E-9A63-23B8E0439943

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7 Responses to Holy shit it’s sunny out!

  1. You are incredibly busy!
    Good for you for making a commitment for yourself!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    LOVE IT, Jackie! You got this…go slow and do what works for YOU. No beating yourself up if one day you’re a bit off. Next day get back on your horse and try again. 💫👏😎

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I couldn’t agree more with your thinking! I’m really excited about this! I did so much today and got a workout in. It was short but fit in with a busy day and that made me happy! I look forward to your updates!! 😀😀😀 Thanks again for the inspiration I needed!!

  3. clairei47 says:

    You are sooooo slim Jackie! I too am seeing a gradual weight gain and it’s irritating. You’ve done the right thing just setting yourself a small goal. It’s easy to be put off if our plans are going to take a big chunk of time. I have started very simple yoga … an app I downloaded. It’s basically stretching and takes 15 minutes but boy it makes me feel good. Very relaxing too and good for those aches and pains …. of which I have loads. You have loads on and manage a lot so be kind. Small steps. Plus don’t believe all you read on social media and if someone needs to continually post on FB how phenomenally fit and active they are, they don’t have enough going on in their life! Just my humble opinion. Xxx Claire xxx 😘

  4. sobrietytree says:

    You look amazing and I highly doubt you have no muscle tone, it does not look like that!!! You’re very hard on yourself. You work really hard. That said, I don’t take much time to exercise and even that little bit helps me feel much better about not only my body but in my mind and spirit as well. I just exercise at home with no equipment then go for a short walk. Much love to you, beautiful! xoxoxo 🤗👯‍♂️💓🌸☀️

    • Thanks, Nadine! I am feeling the love! I plan on doing it when I can, taking it slow and making it a happy thing to do. 😃 Like you said even just doing that will help my body, mind and spirit. I’m excited to getting all that back in check again. 😀❤️

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