It was a busy Sunday. So all of my pictures are first?

0AD1D157-6779-4FF8-83E5-75CEFE9C1DD98FE7FD1E-D3F8-418C-8FD7-34B79ACA33BABA2248B7-6701-477A-AD40-CE21C4E05D9908242E0A-1011-48A1-B7EE-0701DB8D705FWhy is my heading in caps? Weird.

I had such a fun day and it was due to you all, I decided to take pictures to show you of my day.    Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me. I cannot thank you enough! I miss my husband here and cannot wait for his return, will be another week. Ugh….


This was this morning! How can I not be happy!!
Today I spent another block amount of  time with this big guy! ( not sure why it inserted where it did? )

He is the sweetest giant, ever. Next is me hanging towels on the line, me picking up dog poo and sticks from our tree out back, and my flags out front. Decided to show a little about me.




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7 Responses to It was a busy Sunday. So all of my pictures are first?

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Love it love it love it. Very refreshing to see sun, fun, and smiles😀. There’s a full moon tonight to top it all off🌝. Thanks for sharing, Jackie.

  2. Thank YOU!! Still learning WordPress! Like I said I was pretty happy to go about my day and take pics in happiness to show you all! You are a rock for my day today!

  3. clairei47 says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ this. Made me so happy and boy that sun is fab. Shining here this morning too. Blue skies on my commute to work. Xxx

  4. sobrietytree says:

    Beautiful!!! ❤️😊😘🐴xoxoxoxox

  5. More hugs and Love!

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