Yet again

Good Monday morning! I loved reading everyone blogs over the last week or so.

Well I’m here to say I’ve started back over and doing Dry January. I am determined to get through this entire month. The biggest thing I find frustrating is I am a very strong willed person. There’s nothing I won’t try and usually succeed at. Something simple as no alcohol has clearly been one of the hardest. It sure has a hold on my brain and I’ve had enough of my thoughts being consumed by alcohol, especially when it does me no positives. It literally gives me a quick “happy” time but always ends with me getting sleepy. ( Even if I just have a couple. ) It’s useless to me.

I also get a lot of compliments on how young I look for my age. I see my belly getting bigger and my face wider and rocesea worsened.

So I’m hoping Dry January will help me see an improvement in all areas. All your posts are so helpful in knowing there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Thanks for reading,

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7 Responses to Yet again

  1. clairei47 says:

    You’ll do it! I think the worst thing we can do is berate ourselves when we fuck up and rake over and over it. Why why why???? It never helps and actually pushes us back into the alcohol trap. Focus on January. Make sure you take time out for you and find things you love to do that don’t involve booze. It’s an entrenched habit and we’ve put in years of practice using alcohol. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learnt since trying to give it up so keep going, don’t look back and congratulate yourself for getting this far. You’re ace!!
    Love Claire xx

    • YES! I couldn’t agree more with all of this! Thanks so much! I have been excited to watch The Bachelor tonight! LOL! It’s the first episode and my guilty ( yet not so bad ) pleasure! Planning things to look forward to and like you said, not being so hard on myself. I felt pretty uppidy today and am thinking for some reason my direction and thoughts are more solid. Thank you and much love!!

  2. I just read another article on how alcohol changes our brains, to want it. It makes it very hard to beat, but it can be done.
    You can do this!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I read that just recently as well. I have been in a chipper mood today, little more solid that I’ve got this! Thanks so much for your support! I really appreciate it! ❤

  3. sobrietytree says:

    Love you for posting this. Rock it, girl! 🎉🙌 It’s always nice from the sober side to hear it confirmed once again that those glasses of wine aren’t worth the quick rush.

    You are so lucky you get “so young for your age” comments!!!! You deserve them though. You do look young. 😊❤️

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